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   C O M A L A
   S U C H I T L Á N
   Z O N A   M A G I C A


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A R T E S A N S      
local judical center of suchitlan
Wooden Mask Craftsmen and artesanos



With Scenic Views of the Colima Volcano, Surrounded by a Lushfestival mask craftsmen
Foliage Biosphere,
this is Colima's Magical Coffee Country.

Within the lush enclave of local indigenous trees and plants, a coffee plantation and orange trees bursting with fruit in the quaint town center, up and down old cobblestone streets, hidden casas of local Suchitlán craftsmen create hand-woven baskets and furniture, (made of otate and reed materials) and handmade wooden masks that have been designed and used for generations.

Painted with brilliant colors and used in seasonal celebrations such as Semana Santa (holy week), Navidad and others, decorative, masked dancers performed throughout the region of Colima.

C O F F E E      local judical center of suchitlan
Volcano grown coffee of Colima...

C O L I M O T L    C A F E
long the highway just past Suchitlán, north of town.
the coffee beans were grown from here in Suchitlan, north to Lago Maria and all the way up to La Yerba Buena at the base of the Colima Volcano of Fire. Yerba Buena used to process it's own coffee but now sells to the larger processors like Colimotl and others instead.

High grade organic mountain grown volcanic coffee - one of México's best!  

Open 7 Days a Week

Have a freshly brewed cup while you are picking up a half kilo or kilo bag of their organic mountain grown gourmet coffee. You can also purchase a cappuccino or an ice cold frappe along with a dessert (when available) and handmade coffee bean jewelry is available too!

comala gourmet coffee comala gourmet coffee comala gourmet coffee comala gourmet coffee comala gourmet coffee

Website and further information: www.cecafecolima.org

R E S T A U R A N T S      
local judical center of suchitlan
Suchitlán food and local culture

comala restaurantsuchitlan restaurantLos Portales de Suchitlán, is a former coffee plantation, seats guests roughly 200 guests under a lush forest of coffee trees. Los Portales offers tequilas, beers, ponche (made with mezcal and nuts). The food fair is traditional, with excellent arrachera steak, chili rellenos, pozole, handmade tortillas and a variety of other local Mexican cuisine.

News article of Los Portales de Suchitlán restaurant (PDF)        

El Balcón de Don José is another restaurant that is a couple blocks from the town center with an amazing treetop level view of the surrounding mountains and fields of flowers. The balcony windows are great for relaxing with a cup of local coffee and enjoying the vast beauty of Colima's biosphere area.


T E M A Z C A L     
suchitlan town center
The Church in the town's center


polished cabochon stones for jewelry


nest of the eagle temazcal
Nido de Aguila (temazcal)

Built by Cristóbal in the late 1990's, this is Mexico's only underground temazcal, of mexica design with a heated wall and forced air ducts instead of a pit of hot stones in the center of the temazcal. Accommodates up to 25 people at a time.

You will also find Cristóbal creating beautiful pieces of jewelry made of seeds, stones, wood and other found items made by mother nature. Mexico Handmade Jewelry designed in Colima on the Mexican Pacific.

Reservations via telephone: (312) 100 03 53  or  (312) 109 04 53   (4 persons minimum)

Tell Cristóbal you found him at the Zona Magica website!

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